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Cancer: Final Treatments

I celebrated the last radiation treatment on Friday, January 11, 2012. Seven weeks already over! Chemo treatments ended a few weeks ago so cancer treatment is completed. Bill, my mom, sis and niece were there, and I was given a certificate.  “This Certificate of Graduation is hereby given to Kathryn Spurgeon for completing this course of Radiation Therapy with great courage and determination.” How about that for some good news!

DSC02740Had a low blood pressure (78/52), diarrhea and light-headedness which means dehydration so the last two days of treatment I was given fluids to pump me up. Also a shot each day to help my white blood count. Overall I’m doing great. Radiation burn will take some time to heal and fatigue may stick around for a while. On the positive side, I did not lose my hair. I did not have mouth sores. I did not get the flu. I lost only five pounds.

When the doc exclaimed about how well I handled all this, I told her that many people were praying for me. Tears came to her eyes, and she said, “I agree. That helps.” So now I think we should pray for Dr. Craig and the doctors, nurses, therapists, and technicians who treat cancer patients. They carry the burden of people’s lives.

Thank you, support team, for all the many blessings you have given me. I don’t know how to thank you appropriately. You have graciously given and given with cards, visits, gifts, calls, food, transportation, emails, concern and of course, prayer. I never knew such a caring group of people were out there. I guess I did, I just never equated it to caring about me. I’ve learned so much from you about how to care for others. I have not always been so sensitive to sick people but I hope to be more so in the future.

Bill stayed home with me this weekend as I rested. He was bored along with me on Saturday, but Sunday a kitchen sink water problem gave him something to do. He worked all day and finally had to put in a new faucet. Sometimes boredom is not so bad.

My spirit has been peaceful through this whole ordeal. I am amazed. God has been so good. Jesus’ sweet spirit has been with me.

Hope you are cheering with me today as I have successfully completed all of the cancer treatments!

You are loved,


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I am cheering with you today. Rejoicing in the Lord and His goodness. Love you my dear Kathryn.

Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing your faith and heart with us. I am so thankful to know that your treatments are over and you did so well. You are in my prayers.

Praise The Lord, Kathryn!!! I have to say that I am a bit jealous, but I’ll get over it. I’m so happy that you were able to get through the whole procedure and treatments without problems. Our God is SO good!

You are correct that our prayers have been with you and the professionals with whom you dealt. You were definitely attended by angels. I also have to give some serious credit to ALL of the health care professionals out there that deal directly with cancer patients. Any of them that have been doing it very long know that many of the relationships that they make with the patients will not have “happy endings” in the normal sense. Many that I have dealt with have come to realize that there really is some hope out there that many terminally ill patients have come to know and that is the blessed hope that we have in Jesus that we can have eternal life in Heaven when we do finally die. I praise God that that isn’t going to be you and I praise God that we do have the hope of life after death and that death is only the beginning.

May God continue to bless you!
Mark Davis

Your words are always so wise and timely. Thanks so much. God is certainly amazing.

Kathryn so glad that you have overcome this and prayers are so wonderful.It really means alot to know that you are better and people are praying for you .May the angles keep a watch over you and the Lord keep you in his hands .Love and Prayers,Donna Hinton

Thank you Donna, you are very sweet and it helps to know that people like you are rooting for me!

Praising God with you!!! May He continue to renew your strength each day.

Such good news! Every night we all kneel at Isaiah’s bed for our bedtime prayer. I don’t think there has been a single night Isaiah forgot to pray for “Ms Kathryn” I can’t wait to tell him when I pick him up today. I also know there is a good chance I will be coming by for a visit sometime in the next several months. I will certainly let you know if that is going to happen.

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