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Cancer: Beginning Treatment

Since we heard the news, not a single day has gone by without some message, card, visit, food, and so many prayers. I’m overwhelmed at the amount of support we’ve received. You can’t imagine how much this encourages me. I now look forward to the contacts each day and they lift my spirits immensely, for I know God has put it in your heart to respond. He is so good. Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 106:1

 Completed: Day 1. All went well the first day of chemo/radiation even though it took all day. So glad Bill took off work to go with me. We are learning much that we never knew. I had nausea and steroid medicine IV, mitomycin IV, a pretty (?) purple chemical which took about 20 minutes to go in me, then I was sent off with a fanny pack type attached pump with 5FU which will drip until Friday. Standard treatment for anal cancer. What’s a better word for this?

 Then we went to radiation where I lay on my back and went into a tunnel like a cat scan. A radiation delivery system machine called a TomoTherapy has less side effects, and was programmed specifically for me and targets the cancer spots and surrounding lymph nodes exactly.

 So much for the details. Still taking supplements. I felt fine through the day, even hungry and thirsty all day. But I’m writing this at 4:00 am so I need prayers to sleep better. 🙂

Thanksgiving was wonderful, saw all the family, big and small. And Bill and kids put up the Christmas tree on Friday, so we do have Christmas spirit around here. Also, we have tried to begin each day listening to Christian music.

Thirty days of radiation left, five days a week. And four days of the first round of chemo. Will have another round again in four weeks. Yes, the second round starts on Christmas Eve so I may beg to delay it. Side effects, if there are any, will probably begin by this weekend.

I know God must be listening to your prayers for He has given me a great amount of peace. Thank you so much.

You are loved,


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One thing I know about you, Kathryn, is you will continue to give God all the honor & glory He deserves regardless of your situation so that others may come to know Him. You have been a God-send to our family. What a precioius gift He gave us in you!

THank you Rene. Your godly family has become my family. I love you all!

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