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Cancer And the Water of Life

Between fatigue, nasty taste buds, and nausea, my desire for water has decreased, causing almost dehydration. I didn’t even notice it until my hands, feet, and eyes became dry, and my mouth felt like the Sahara Desert in need of a dropper-full of water.

Oh, I started in the middle of my story. I have been reading Psalms through this chemo/radiation treatment. Any time I experience life’s difficulties, I read Psalms, like going through a divorce, losing a career, a child facing trials. Just habit I guess, but it grounds me back to what is important. Now my focus, chemo brain I’m told, is lacking. It is difficult to concentrate on reading serious books like Christian biographies (my joy), writing blogs, even watching movies.

So one night I decide to listen to God in all things. (I’ve stated that many times but I slide so quickly.) I asked God to show me one small truth in my reading since I could not handle more. Here’s Psalms 104 where I opened and read.

“They give water….” I stopped reading. How did God know I needed water? Sometimes I am so slow. He knows EVERYTHING.

In the NIV Version, the word “Water” is in Psalms 104 Seven times. (However, not in NKJ which I like better, but it does mention quenching thirst, etc.)  Water, water, water. Was God trying to tell me something? Yes, I think so. I started drinking water again. My thirst actually came back. It tasted good again. And I think it has helped. I mean, of course it has.

God gave water to the earth, for the animals, the birds. He makes seas, rain, streams of fresh water. It’s like a magical potion. A mysterious liquid God has given to the whole world. Aren’t we mostly made of water? How ingenious is our God! Okay, Lord, I have a new appreciation for water. Thank you for your provision.

You are loved,


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God is so good to give you what you need when you need it. I am thankful you have him to get you through this. I pray soon all desire for food will return.

I love and appreciate your honesty, Kathryn. In the middle of some of the most difficult times, you are able to make others smile. What a blessing your words are. Thank you, Kathryn and Thank YOU, Lord for caring for each one of us in our deepest needs.

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