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Cancer: A Good Prognosis

After learning I have cancer, the outpouring of words, prayers and support have been a healing balm to our souls. Bill and I are so grateful! We know we will not walk through this pathway alone.

This cancer is anal cell carcinoma, uncommon, I had never heard of it before. Stage 2 because it was also found in a nearby lymph node. No other cancer in my body, and believe me the docs tested everything.  I told my grandchildren that it is on my bottom, I have trouble sitting for a long time. One child said, “You will look funny if they have to take off one cheek.” We laughed, and I assured her that I don’t think that will happen. However, any surgery to take out the tumor would leave me with a colostomy.

We were anxious about the treatment choice. When the church elders prayed for us, one of our prayer requests was wisdom for the decisions. There are so many decisions to make. The standard protocol is 6 weeks of radiation five days a week, along with two rounds of chemo at the same time. Didn’t sound appealing to me, since I’ve heard about the damage chemo/radiation can do to your body. So we also chose to add holistic or naturopathic methods, meaning, taking Vitamin C intravenously, additional vitamins, and minerals, Poly MVA etc. This hopefully, will help me through and help reduce the effects of chemo/radiation. I can’t say I understand it all, but this combination seems right for me at this time. We both feel at peace about the treatment.

I got a “port” implanted into my chest through outpatient surgery. I’m learning many new words. A port is so they won’t have to stick me all the time. The drugs and vitamins can be administered through it.

Your prayer and concern have lifted our spirits immensely already  – and I haven’t even started treatment. You are an awesome circle of family and friends. I could ask for no better support as I go through this.

Prognosis is good to eradicate the nasty cancer cells. But percentage of success is not my concern. I am in God’s hands and He is the great Physician. We pray that the doctors will make correct choices and that I will do my best to complete the treatment. Life’s journey may be rocky for a little while, so pray for God to give me strength.

Thank you for your wonderful support. You are loved,


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kathryn I met you once when you and Bill opened your home to us when I was visiting my daughter Stephanie. I my prayers will be with you consistenly, God says “Peace I give to you and Peace I leave with you”. and he also said ” For I have not given you the spirit of Fear, but of Power and of Love and a sound Mind”. I will rebuke this sickness in ” Jesus” name. I am also going to call me praying family and friends to put you on our prayer list. Ask anything in the name of Jesus and it shall be done. Let no body talk doubt; becasue your healing is in Jesus name. Take care… Joan

I will have you on my church’s prayer list as well as mine. I spoke with Debi Sehon and you/family will be on hers as well. Just know that so many of your friends will be with you on this unscheduled journey and will hold you close in thought and prayer. Love to you. Call on me. Ruby

Little Kathryn, I am praying for the Dr’s, you and your family. God is in control and he loves you dearly. I love you too. Karen Redding

Kathryn, I do not think we have met, I taught preschool Sunday School at HHBC and am currently in the college group. I am a cancer survivor from two different types of brain cancers. I took both radiation and chemo. When I was fighting I was given boost meal replacement shakes because of the radiation. The doctors told me that radiation would make me really tired but the boost helped. I had gamma knife radiation. Unfortunately the chemo usually makes people sick. I have some really good books if you are interested one is ‘When God and Cancer Meet’ and through reading this, I gained a more intimate relationship with Christ. I eventually wrote a book. If you have any questions feel free to email me at, or find me on facebook, Michael Christopher Morton, I am also on jimmy Quinn’s FB page as one of his friends.

My name is Mark Davis and you don’t know me. You submitted 2 link-backs to my blog ( for a couple of my articles. I had to check out the site and I looked around a bit. You posted on your other blog regarding one of your students getting saved and going back to China (or to his Chinese church) and then ultimately telling his family back home. This story really touched my heart because, that is what I live for.
One of the other things that touched me was your slight mention of cancer treatments starting, so I had to see if I could find out what it was. You see, I also have cancer – stage 4 Carcinoid Cancer. Also a great prognosis but, it is terminal and inoperable and is very inconvenient to live with. I am otherwise also disabled and I am mostly confined to bed. My ministry is my blog and it is intended to take the young Christian grow in his Christian walk and teach them the basics of what the Bible teaches and then takes them into some subjects that are a bit deeper for the more mature Christians. It has already gone around the world to 23 different countries, so I hope it is going to help some of them.
I want to let you know that I am going to try to put you on our church’s prayer list as well as the prayer list on my blog, not to mention on my personal prayer list. I really pray that God will have His will with the treatment and things will go back to “normal”. I’ve subscribed to your blogs so I can keep up with your progress in both your ministry and health.
I am on Facebook and email if you would like to talk.
God bless you,
Mark Davis

I need to get your blog out to the international students. THey need some place for discipleship. I will try.
Have you read Knockout by Susanne Somers? It is a good informational book on cancer. I learned some things to do to help, like go on a very strict diet, supplements to take, etc.

That would be a great help to the new Christians. I’m not sure if you have looked around much on my blog, but I have a discipleship section with a daily Bible Study called Growing in Grace. I can’t take the credit for writing it but the author wanted me to put it up on my site if I felt that it might be of help to someone else out there. It is a 13 week study that includes a lesson for the week and then followed by assignments to be done on a daily/weekly basis. If a person were to take it seriously and do it daily, it would be something that would really root them in the Word and if I understand your “faith standards”, you and I aren’t that far apart in beliefs and doctrines, so you can know that they are getting some good teaching. Since my site is relatively young, it isn’t as full and daunting as some others that might seem a bit overwhelming to look through. I am trying to add new content on a continual basis. The Growing in Grace Study I have put in up through week 7 (word for word from the author’s text). I am trying as faithfully as I can to put up another week (at least) every week, so if someone is just starting at the beginning, they will have no problem getting to see all of it by the end of week 13. I’m trying to get Prayer Request, Praise and Prayer Warrior sections going but I don’t that much following yet for it to become popular. I’m trying to get something to work there.

Regarding the cancer (mine)… I’ve been diagnosed for 5 1/2 years now with no definite prognosis to this date. No, I haven’t read her book. Only because I have problems with reading/holding books so I end up doing most of my reading on recorded books. I don’t know if it is available that way or not. Regarding diet, due to the cancer, I have a very particular stomach and have problems digesting most things that others would consider healthy such as vegetables etc. Most of the time, when someone recommends a diet, I shoot them down within minutes – not on purpose though. Even the diets that are “recommended” for my cancer I can’t eat. Every case is different they say.

I look forward to hearing more of your situation and I am continuing to hold you up in prayer. It sounds like you are really feeling the effects of the prayer already. God is AWESOME!!!

God Bless You,
Mark Davis

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