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Team picture2When I decided to begin publishing, I knew I needed some expert assistants. I don’t know everything, so I wanted someone to assist me, someone who knew more than I did. For me, but maybe not for all companies, this was one of first things to do. Find help!

I put an ad on for an editorial assistant. Maybe not the best way to find help, as my sweet husband noted, but it worked. I received 45 applicants!  I read every cover letter and resume. Made a list to keep track of them. Started marking through the impossibles, like the no-writing-experience bartender and the over-experienced-in their-field phlebotomist.  Narrowed my search down to 6 people to interview and called them in.

At the interviews, I laid out my mass of material for a start-up company. One question I asked, since all my work is Christian, was if it bothered them if our publishing would be Christian. All expressed that a Christian company was good, even preferable.  I was impressed with them, with their background and especially their excitement to help build something inspiring and viable. So I hired not just one, but four people! Experienced in different areas. One quit the first week. That leaves three contract employees, and a long-time editor friend who has offered to help out.

I would like to introduce my awesome team: Bonnie Lanthripe, Amber Beaman, Gina Dabney and Clay Milford. This well-rounded team has talent/skills and experience in writing, editing, business, marketing and much more! We met just before Thanksgiving and the meeting was fun, fast-paced with ideas and brainstorming and designs and concepts bouncing around. I loved it.

May God do as He wishes with our efforts.Kathryn

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