Fremont’s Promise

Faith, Prospects, and Dreams of the 1930s

Promise Series Book 3
Part of the THE PROMISE SERIES series:

A Family Saga: BOOK 3  
It’s a drama never told before.
Whenever Sibyl visits her mother, she’s criticized and shamed, leaving in tears each time. Only Fremont’s assurance to move her away from the toxic family can calm her spirit. Not only does Sibyl’s family reject her for marrying a penniless hobo, but they demean her for wanting another child, for her untidy house, and her faith. They criticize everything she believes in. 

Fremont determines to find a better-paying job and spirit his wife away from this unkind family. He wants a stable family, not a dysfunctional one. But will Sibyl agree to move? Her relationship with her family bounces from frustration to despair. Perhaps God wants them to stay in Shawnee. Perhaps not. 

If you love family sagas and drama based on true stories, you will love this book.  

This family saga will be remembered long after you finish the last page.


Inspirational historical fiction based on the true story of the Pope family during the 1930s.

Reviews:Penny Tucker Davis wrote:

It's delightful, warm, funny, shows true love, historical, thought-provoking for those times of woman and men which parallel what is happening in today's times. (Book 1 A Promise to Break)  

Wenona Journeycake wrote:

This book is so well-written and as the reader, I felt every emotion and sense that was being expressed. (Book 1 A Promise to Break)

Betti Mace on Celebrate Lit wrote:

I could almost feel the grit in my teeth as I read about the dust bowl and the incredible drought. It must have been very difficult to believe that God had everything in control and had not abandoned them. (Book 1 A Promise to Break)

Published by Kathryn Spurgeon

Inspirational writer and speaker Memory House Publishing

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