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Book signing in the 1930s hotel

I found the most awesome place to release my 1930s historical novel, A Promise Child! The lobby of the Aldridge Hotel in Shawnee, Oklahoma. That’s so appropriate since the book is set in Shawnee. The hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and it’s simply regal, gorgeous, and right out of the past.

The Aldridge was the tallest building in Shawnee at the time of its construction in 1929. Ten stories. The lobby and mezzanine contain much beautiful marble. Many people take wedding pictures there. The floors above contain 200 rooms and are now used for senior apartment rentals.

According to what I found on the internet, the building was built by oil man Hilton A. Phillips during the 1920’s oil boom at a cost of $750,000. I can’t believe in all the years I lived in Pott County, I never visited this beautiful historic building.

It’s located at 20-24 East 9th Street on the northwest corner of 9th and Bell Street. Come and join us at the Aldridge Hotel lobby on Tuesday, August 15, 2016, to celebrate the release of the second historical book in the Promise Series!

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