Book sent to Agent

I re-edited my first novel, Up Town, and sent it off to be considered for publication! Yeah! Okay, I’ve been working on this for years, and gleaned information from many sources including enlivening fodder from my great Aunt Blanche. See her website at

However, the summary is harder than writing the book, so any advise is appreciated.

Sibyl Trimble, daughter of a wealthy banker during the Great Depression, wants to help the poor, but when she falls in love with a hobo, gets pregnant and must marry, she find herself in the poverty she wanted to alleviate. Despair threatens until she learns that God is greater than her dreams, and her marriage was what she wanted all along.

Up Town is a 1930’s historical novel, the first in a series of historical novels. The proposal for Up Town won 3rd place in Historical Romance in the Oklahoma Writers Federation contest and is approximately 97,000 words in length.

My agent, Les Stobbe, has been great to come up with ideas and is sending the manuscript off to several editors. Please pray with me for God’s hand to be with Up Town.

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