Carthage, Texas


The famous East Texas pine trees

I’m still looking for the perfect place to sit and write. This is a cabin in Carthage, Texas. Bill’s pa is building it, even taking the lumber from the trees on his land and cutting them on his 100 year old saw mill. Did I say he was over 80 years old! The cabin sits on about 40 acres of beautiful pine tree covered property. That will work!

The Vapor

Midnight. Days before Christmas.  I wonder why I am awake in the middle of the night. It must be as I’ve heard, writers write at the strangest times. When the persistent urge to create attacks, then we pull on our slippers, sleepwalk to the nearest computer or pen and paper, and write until the urge passes. Anything will do–memoir, poems, inspiration–all of which looks much better tonight than it will tomorrow morning.

I dream of one day crafting words that others will understand. No. Not just understand but relate to, breathe and inhale the meaning. Connect to God and others in a deeper way. Perhaps that is my vapor and only the scent will carry to the future. But even that will suffice.

New Book Finished

My second book has been completed and tested! Yeah! My writing friend, Alesa Campbell taught Jesus, One on One, to a group of Henderson Hills Baptist church ladies. Their feedback has been beneficial and their encouragement wonderful. I thank all of them.

I started writing Jesus, One on One about 8 months ago. During my personal Bible study in Matthew, I looked at what an individual encounter would look like. How did Jesus respond to a person standing right in front of him? As a Biblical counselor, I wanted to know. I learned more than I expected. Jesus treats each person differently. Each individual was unique and he addressed their specific issues in specific, practical ways. No two were alike.

Like us. We all struggle with our own issues and no two are alike. Jesus can address our uniqueness in a unique way.

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