Prepared by a Difficult Aunt Blanche

God used Aunt Blanche to prepare me to care for my dad. After all, by taking care of Blanche, I learned to deal with cranky people who revel in cuss words, stubbornness, […]

A Letter From Home

At the tender age of nineteen, I moved to Kunsan, South Korea – straight across the world’s circumference from Oklahoma. I couldn’t have found a colder spot […]

Blanche’s 1940’s Dresses

A vintage fashion designer deluxe. Blanche Trimble loved clothes. She sketched over 60 designs and pranced around in her latest endeavor. Here are a few of her concoctions. […]

Morning Exercise & The Milkshake

My sis and I drove 12 hours to Carthage, Texas, and back this past weekend to teach at a Ladies Retreat. No problems. I got back, […]
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