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Am I Becoming a Junkie?

Eye drops, nose drops, dry mouth gum, mouth-numbing stuff, five or six medicines for nausea. Pain pills I haven’t needed yet, thankfully, supplements out the kazoo and lotions for the wazoo.  I’m feeling like a junkie. I guess. Since I don’t really know what a junkie feels like, except he/she needs pills to survive. Now that seems to be me.

The docs have prescribed any and everything I MIGHT need. Just in case. They are on call for renewals and anything that goes wrong with me. Talk about feeling like the center of attention. 🙂  Between the list of doctors I have and list of caregivers (almost said caretakers) I am getting more attention than a coon raiding a pantry.

No matter. I am half way through cancer treatments with three weeks to go so I must relish in the devotion as long as possible. It will soon be over. I do try to keep the whining and complaining to keep to a minimum, even if Bill might not think so.

Bill is playing Santa Claus this year, but I decided to go to Target with him for a few things I wasn’t sure he could pick out. Fifteen minutes later, I had to find a place to rest. (Out of all this assortment of medication, there is no pill for fatigue.) My dear husband finished shopping in the midst of the chaos and stood in a long line while I took a nap in the closed, darkened photo center. There are some benefits to treatments at Christmas.

Bill said I looked like a junkie passed out on the sofa. So next time you see a person lounging in the dark corner of the store, don’t give them a hard time. They could be waiting for someone to invent that new-fangled “get up and go” pill. In the meantime, please pray that I get some more “get up and go.”

These doctors are trying very hard to heal my body, but I must remember  the greatest Physician is. My God. He made this shell and knows what medications I need.

You are loved,


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You are loved also. I am so thankful to God he will give you the strength to endure and come through this victorious and able to leap buildings at a single bound (superwoman). lol I know God’s plan and purpose for you is to win the lost to Jesus Christ and to give you life in abundance. Your prayer partner and friend, Rhonda

Yep, I think you might be a Junkie. Perhaps a Jesus Junkie.

The reason “The docs have prescribed any and everything I MIGHT need” is so they can get some Christmas shopping done!

Perhaps the next time you take “a nap in the closed, darkened photo center” put a dollar bill in a cup next to you. See if you make any money before you wake up.

In the end (sorry couldn’t pass up that pun) you are right, God made our “earth suits” and he knows what medications and everything else we really need.

Stay strong, God is creating an awesome testimony for you.

Think and pray for you often. Many good thoughts sent your way as well. Sit back, rest, and relax as best you can. You are fighting a battle so no wonder you need a lot of rest. Just give that cancer the meanest look you can.
Love you Kathryn.

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