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A Vintage Book Signing in Edmond

book pictureThese 1930s book parties have been more fun than researching Oklahoma history, which I love to do. To celebrate A Promise to Break, Thursday night in Edmond we had 30s music, mountains of food, and vintage decorations. And, of course, hats – hats with feathers, hats intended to be worn with a perky tilt. For those who missed the after-party, we had a spontaneous games, door prize drawing forgotten earlier and entertaining karaoke.

The greatest joy to me was the many people who came by to share in the celebration. The support has been unbelievable. My regret is that I didn’t properly thank the ones who helped make this happen. Exhaustion and excitement is no excuse.

I’ll try to rectify my mistake. Many thanks to the ones who helped edit the book, and Gina Dabney who designed the interior. Talented individuals. Then there are writing friends like Barbara Shepherd and other readers who reviewed the book through the years and made helpful comments, encouraging me to continue. I remember you. And Krystal Harlow, thank you for patiently improving my idea for a book cover.

Thanks also to those who have read or bought my book on the chance it might be worth it. To Brenda and my school friends who are happy about my achievement, given we are all growing old together. So many others have supported my writing life, that I can’t name each one! Thank you, every single person.



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My family has been wonderful to help with the book signings. Not just wonderful, but amazing. Thank you Kay, Keren, Danielle, and Steffanie. My talented niece Julie Miser has contributed above her share with the website, etc. I’m grateful for Treasure who has been my right hand person, and Abigail, Kylie and Hannah for their support.

Thanks to my husband, Bill, who has stood beside me, nudging me forward and always believes in me. He’s a God-given gift. My family is remarkable! I love every one of them. And there are still more family members who have offered to help!

And, of course, I have the support of a great King, the one who commands all things and knows all things. To Him be the honor and glory, for without Him I am nothing. I dedicate my book to Him and to the precious mother He gave me, the one who connects to the strings of my heart stronger every year. Thank all who have helped make A Promise to Break happen! What a joy Christ bring us when we least expect it!



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