A Saint Gone Home

A few weeks ago, I took my twin granddaughters to their diving lessons, way down south across town to at OCCC. By the time we left, the sky had darkened and a storm headed our way. I thought about hunkering down in a fast food restaurant until it passed over us and we could drive home. But Grandma Bill, my ex-mother-in-law lives alone close to the school. We grabbed food and rushed over to her house.

Soaken  wet, we dashed into her beautiful home. She welcomed us, as always, warmly and with open arms, bringing towels as we removed our shoes.

The 11 year old girls, as if seeing the place anew, took time to examine the huge collection of  ceramic dolls , most over two feet tall, placed around the living room. What little girl wouldn’t just adore such a home? Carefully, they looked at each lace-adorned doll, asking questions, while Grandma Bill explained where she got the doll, which one she liked best, etc. They connected in a special way. Her, by sharing part of herself with children who appreciated her, and them, awed by the beauty she had inspired.  What a neat thing to watch!

I left my phone at her house, and drove back to retrieve it. However, she never answers the door unless she knows who it is, and I couldn’t call her without my phone! I banged on the door, which probably made her more suspicious. She called me to see if it was me, but the phone rang in another room in her house and she didn’t hear it. She finally took a chance and opened the door. We laughed together at the predicament and she stood at her front door and waved goodbye again.  For the last time.

She came into my life more than 30 years ago. I married her son. I’ve never met a more godly woman, who, even after our divorce, called me, let me know she cared, and prayed for me and my family every day, even though she deeply mourned her son, who died several years ago.

Grandma Bill died Tuesday night. I will miss her. When I needed special prayer, she was the one I called. When a storm brewed, she was the one who called me. (She knew I don’t keep current on weather reports.)

Her daughter found umbrellas Grandma Bill recently purchased to give away. She didn’t want anyone  to be caught in the rain again without them. What more could you ask of a godly example of caring and motherhood? We will all miss her a lot.

A spiritual giant in my eyes. An asset God gave in the midst of this crazy world. 


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Bill’s precious Granny died a few months ago, then Aunt Blanche 3 weeks ago, and now Grandma Bill. It seems we’re losing that generation rather quickly. Will miss them a lot.

Lavetta will be missed and who fill the void of the prayer warrior (she was known for)? Maybe the earthquake God sent to Oklahoma the next day was HIS reminder how her life affected so many? I lived there many years as a teenager and have fond memories of a loving house. She made sure birthdays were never forgotten, graduations and holidays were even more special. She always had time to listen, no matter how late it was. She rarely spent money on herself (cars, gifts, trips, etc.) and always though of her children (including me) first. She never knew how special she was. God bless all that knew her.

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