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A Plus for Writers

One benefit of being a writer is attending writing conferences and book fairs. I happen to love them. I attended the Edmond Author’s Book Fair last weekend and the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. (OWFI) Conference  the weekend before. What a blast! I highly recommend going.

I met tons of passionate writers, old friends and new connections, experts in different genres, beginning wannabe writers and accomplished, published experts. Although this was not my first time to attend one of these events, I learned vital tidbits here and there from the classes and from chatting with others. I took an advanced copy of my book and people seemed to like the cover and description. We were also entertained and taught by author and wonderful speaker Stephen James. On top of that, I won three awards at the writing contest! Who couldn’t love days like that?

Advanced copy of A Promise to Break!

The writing business is different than other industries I’ve been associated with (accounting, oil & gas, prison). Writers, who spend so much time alone tend to love to interact socially, confirmed by the OWFI crazy costume dinner Friday night, and the awesome support to other writers for their accomplishments, whether a small published blurb or a trilogy book deal. Isn’t that what God asks us to do, encourage one another in our calling?

Writers are helpful people and I’m proud to call myself one of them, even if my book, A Promise to Break, isn’t released by Memory House Publishing for another three weeks. Three weeks! Oh no! I better get busy and stop ruminating on the benefits of being a writer or I won’t have time to attend the next conference.

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