Fake Love

True love versus false love. How can we tell the difference? Both may be as attractive as roses, but one is the dime-store plastic kind and the other a fragrant red beauty. We need something more substantial than a temporary solution, wider than an Oklahoma sunset, and deep enough to fill the void inside.  Actually, we need a God’s kind of love. Nothing else will completely and always satisfy. Nothing.

I’ll be driving to Shawnee once a week to teach a wonderful group of women at Temple Baptist Church. My Bible study, Love From the Inside Out, is about true, godly love, the kind Jesus exemplified. Part of the study evolved from women prisoners I counseled and the amazing truths they taught me about love.

Please pray for me and these 21 women as we study and share together – and as we learn to love others, even those difficult people in our lives. 

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I showed my class an obviously platic rose. “I bought it at the dollar store,” I said. “Well, you paid too much,” piped up one student. And I guess I did at that.

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