A blessed Chinese girl

God does amazing work sometimes. Many wonderful Chinese have come to UCO this semester and we’ve had a chance to get to know some of them. Most are from one-child families, as are most Chinese college age students now. Their families put a lot of pressure on them due to being an only child. I think it’s changed their culture. They wonder how it will be when they are old and have no siblings. They ask many questions.

We often take them to church with us and then answer their questions on the way home. Several have mentioned how refreshing, good and uplifting it is to be in church. I believe they feel God’s presence. One girl said, “It makes me sad.” Surprised, I asked why? “We don’t have anything like this in China,” she said.

Two Chinese girls came for Saturday tea about a month ago and we had a long discussion, answering questions, opening the Bible and explaining things like there are good and bad people in every culture but no one is 100% good all the time.  A relationship with God is spiritual because He is spirit. You can grow spiritually just like a baby grows up. And of course, how do you become a Christian? You can choose to say yes to following His way. They left to visit a Chinese Christian’s home for a meal.

The next day S. wrote on her fb, “I said yes to God, but still a long way to go! Bless me!”

The Chinese girl who brought her to my house the day before wrote. “Thank you! yesterday was amazing. I witnessed the God’s wonderful work that S. heard a sight voice in her that let her say YES to God’s call of salvation. Praise the Lord!”

S. has brought joy to all those around her. Bless her, Lord. She has blessed me!

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